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Jack Schwager

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Jack Schwager is the managing director and principal of the Fortune Group (alternative asset management) in the US and the UK. He is a board member of Fortune’s research affiliate Global Fund Analysis: one of the top sources for independent hedge fund research. He was director of futures for many of Wall Street’s leading firms for 22 years and ten years as co-principal of a commodity trading firm.

Jack was born on June 27 of 1948, in Antwerp, Belgium. He earned B.A. in Economics from Brooklyn College and an M.A. in Economics from Brown University.

@jackschwager worked in the futures market most of his adult life; he excelled in his writing careers, of which he wrote extensively on the complexity of futures trading. His first writing was published in Commodities magazine in the ’70s. And in 1984, his book “A Complete Guide to the Futures Market: Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Trading, Options, and Spreads was published. It was called an excellent and comprehensive work deserving careful study by Stanley Kroll. Jack would go on to expand and revise the book ten years later.

The book was revised and published in three volumes; Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, and Managed Trading: Myths and Truths. His work received good reviews, with Darrel R.J. of futures saying, “This is just another piece of solid work by Schwager, one of the best minds in the futures industry which continues to produce some of the most useful, most enduring research and insightful writing for this generation of traders”, for the Fundamental Analysis volume.

His Market Wizards’ has featured some of the most successful traders in the world. The Stock Market Wizards: an interview with America’s Top Stock Traders, one of his interview books led him to start his fund called the “Market Wizards Funds”. The fund invests in a Hedge Fund owned by some of his interviewees for “The Stock Market Wizards” book. “I’ve come to the point where I’ve decided there are too many people out there who do this a lot better than I do,” he said in an interview published in Sunday Business. “Hence I would rather apply what I do to identifying those people and placing money with them.”

Jack Schwager is co-founder of Fund Seeder: finding undiscovered traders with talent worldwide and connecting them to the source of start-up capital, and former partner of Fortune Group from 2001-2010. He is an expert widely recognized in the futures and hedge fund industry.

Jacks was inspired by the book “Reminiscence of Stock Trader” by Edwin Lefèvre. “…a book that still rang true as a source of market trading wisdom seventy years after it was written (which is when I read it). The book, which is widely believed to be based on the trading experiences of Jesse Livermore, provides such an authentic representation of the trading experience that many believe that the author’s name is a pseudonym for Livermore…” he added.

He spoke at various seminars around the globe and taught a range of analytical topics, technical analysis, and trading system evaluation.


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