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  • 100% Quantified, data-driven and Backtested
  • Performance has low correlation to index
  • We always show our results!
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  • Signals every day via our site or email
  • Live track record since 2013! (See Menu)
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Our swing signal service requires very little effort from your side. Before the open, you get an e-mail (or you can log in on our website) and get today’s signals.

At any time we have from zero up to a maximum of five positions (or signals). All signals are long, we never go short, and we only trade the largest and most liquid stocks in the US to minimize slippage.

All signals are quantitative and not based on human judgment. Drawdowns are to be expected but keep in mind that they are inevitable. However, our aim is a “stable” return and we aim to get a positive return no matter the market environment. As a matter of fact, the best long trades tend to happen during a bear market. We expect our results to have a low correlation to the overall indices. We want to offer a “hedge” against a weak stock market.

We are 100% open and honest about our results. We use the open price for entry and exit.

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