Momentum ETF-Rotating Trading Strategy

This is a rule-based strategy that invest in large EFTs with strong trend and momentum. Rotational trading and investing strategy

ETF Rotational Strategy - Trading Signals

Trend and Momentum

This is a rule-based strategy that invest in large EFTs with strong trend and momentum. Rotational trading and investing strategy.  The strategy uses the well-known fact that markets and sectors with strong trends and momentum tends to outperform. This is a well-tested principle that is wildly used in the trading and wealth management industry.

There has been a lot of books and publications written on this subject. See Momentum, Trend, Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA), Dual Momentum and more.

Historical performance

This quantitative strategy has not only outperformed the strong SPY since before the financial crisis,  but has also managed to do this with smaller declines (lower Draw Downs). 

The system holds four different ETFs and will automatically switch into bonds and cash during bear markets.

Latest Update on Past Performance


By following this system, you will get access and exposure to variety of sectors and index, and also taking advantage to the strongest trends for the moment. Some of the sectors and markets that are included are for example;: larger American index ETFs, large sector ETFs, gold and commodity ETFs,  bond ETFs and a few emerging markets ETFs.

How to follow

The system is very easy to follow and will only require a couple of minutes each month. Subscribers will in the beginning of each month a get a message with the ETFs that will be included for the upcoming month.

Historical performance graph and Drawdown

ETF Rotational Strategy - Trading Signals
ETF Rotational Strategy - Trading Signals

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Each week we send an email to our members, telling them what to buy, what to sell, and what to keep. You can also view the trading signals on our site.

We trade High Volume Liquid ETF.s.

 don’t recommend any specific broker. Choose the cheapest one you can find since too high commissions could eat into your profits!

All trades in the results have been added one by one as they occur. All our members have had the chance to act on every signal that is presented, and nothing has been added with hindsight!

It’s not! You should be comfortable placing orders with your broker. You also need to understand and know how to manage risks that are involved in buying and selling stocks!

Of course. You can cancel at any time. The easiest way to do that is via your payment provider. Please note that you must cancel your subscription before it renews in order to avoid being charged the next month’s subscription fee.

No, this is not a trading course but a signal service. We are sending out trading alerts every month to your email.

Unless otherwise specified we, unfortunately, cannot accept a refund. However, you can cancel at any time.
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