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Latest Edge

Edges below are available for download if you are a member. (Different levels)

July 2022 - DMI Defence – An Edge and strategy using DMI (ES)

June 2022 - Stoxx50 and DAX – A Trading Strategy in Stoxx50 (STOXX)

May 2022 - Canada Dollar – An Edge in the Loonie (CD)

April 2022 - Corn Killer (@C)

March 2022 - European Stoxx50 (FESX)

February 2022 - German DAX (FDAX) - Gap and Short

January 2022 - S&P 500 (ES.D) - Dippbuyer Since Year 2000

December 2021 - S&P Midcap 400 Night Crawler
- Make money when you sleep (Backtest since 2003 in Equity Index Futures (EMD.D)

November 2021 - Overnight Star - An overnight edge since 1998 in equity Index (ES+SPY)

October 2021 - OilTimer - An edge and market timer in Oil (Crude)

September 2021 - Long Edge In Platinum Futures -- (PL) - Trading strategy

August 2021 - A Gasoline Day Trading Edge -- (RB) - Trading strategy

July 2021 - Financial ETF (Short) -- (+SP500) - Trading strategy

June 2021 - Robust Long-Short Strategy in SP500 (E-Mini Futures Trading)

May 2021 - Powerful Edge In Lean Cattle Futures!

April 2021 - Long Edge In Soybean Meal Futures

March 2021 - Simple Yet Powerful Edge In Swiss Franc Futures Trading Edge

February 2021 - SP500 (E-mini and Micro) Trading Edge

Januari 2021 - Platinum Futures (PL) Trading Edge

December 2020 - Copper Futures (HG) Trading Edge

November 2020 - Treasury (TY) Trading Edge

October 2020 - Crude Oil Trading Edge

September 2020 - Swiss Franc Trading Edge

August 2020 - Soybean Meal Day Trading Edge

Trading Edges and Strategies for Futures

You can read more about the edge here. Daytrader In Soybean Meal Futures

July 2020 - Gold Day Trading Edge

June 2020 - Robust Edge In Crude Oil (USO and CL)

May 2020 - Daytrader In Nasdaq (NQ)

April 2020 - Catching Pullbacks in Bonds Futures (US)

March 2020 - Edge in Cocoa Futures(CC)

February 2020 - Edge in Heating Oil(HO)

January 2020 - Close Reversion in Bonds (US)

December 2019 - Incredible Night Edge (SPY)

November 2019 - Trading Gold Using Range Distribution

October 2019 - British Pounds Average True Range Pullback

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  • An overnight Trading Idea for Silver Miners
  • Using IBS together with an oscillator to catch swings at night
  • What if you tweak the RSI indicator a bit?
  • An approach to successfully apply VIX in your swing trading
  • Buying the dip with bollinger bands

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