Are you a freelance content writer in finance or trading?

Or are you a trader with an aptitude for writing?

Are you looking for a stable, long term working relationship?

Are you a native speaker?

Then you might be the one we are looking for!

We’re Hiring Freelancers Content Writers in Finance and Trading!

The Robust Trader is a website that strives to write longer, better, and more comprehensive articles than the competition. We want to be a source of genuine and useful information on trading and investing!

As a freelancer at The Robust Trader, you will be writing anything from shorter content up to longer pillar posts of 5000 words or more. We expect the content to be well researched, well structured, and free from grammatical errors, requiring minimal editing from our side.


Freelancers Content Writers

Freelancers Content Writers


Freelancer Content Writer Requirements

If working as a freelancer content writer in finance and trading for The Robust Trader sounds interesting to you, why not send us your application? We want you to answer three screening questions.

Screening Question 1: Describe the two biggest challenges traders face and how they can overcome them.

Screening Question 2:  Is it realistic to expect that a trader can make a living from daytrading?

Screening Question 3: Imagine that:

  1. All friends and acquaintances are giving you the advice to buy the stock of a company
  2. Internet forums are crowded with bullish sentiment and euphoria
  3. The stock of the company is up 1000% for the year.

A) Would you then be inclined to buy that stock

B) Or would you not buy that stock


Your answers to these questions will not be judged only on a right or wrong basis, but also on the motivation.

In case you have done some similar work before, we encourage you to send along some work-samples as well!

If you think that you’re the one we’re looking for, why not send us your application through the form below!