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A good source and probably the best source for free trading strategies is Quantified Strategies. There are plenty of sites on the internet that are dedicated to trading strategies. (One of them is of course our paid service and memberships for trading strategies)

The problem with the vast majority of them is that the vast majority of trading systems and trading strategies do not work at all. I would say that over 99% of everything related to trading strategies online is garbage. So when you search for the term trading strategies on the internet the majority of top results from Google is a waste of your time. The strategies presented by the search on Google do simply not work. Google algorithms are not advanced enough (yet) to sort the good stuff from the bad.

The good stuff, the 1% of trading strategies that might be working is well hidden online. Fortunately, there is a place online that has gathered a huge amount of trading strategies (over 100) that actually work. Some of them are also free.  Do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself. Like I said, lots of stuff there is free so it does not cost you anything to click over there. Here you can find it: Free trading strategies.

Good luck!


A small sample of the free trading strategies on the site:

Night strategies trading (overnight edges/strategies)
Trend following explained (including profitable strategies)
Keltner Bands – A strategy
Average True Range trading strategy (ATR indicator)
Williams %R explained – does it work? (Williams Strategies)
Do candlesticks work? A quantitative test of 23 candlestick formations
Does the MACD indicator work? (Including strategies)
Are the Bollinger Bands profitable? (Including strategies)
Are moving averages good or useless? (Quantified systems)
Ways to use ADX (Strategies – does it work)?
How the RSI indicator works (RSI trading systems)
The Elder Ray Indicator (with strategies): Does it work?
The Chaikin Oscillator – does it work? (Chaikin Trading Strategies)
S&P 500 systems (SPY trading strategies):
A simple trend-following system on the S&P 500 (Meb Faber)
What happens after a sell-off on the first day of the month?
The January effect strategy that works
The January effect in the S&P 500
The end of the year rally in the S&P 500
S&P 500 mean reversion using IBS and RSI
An overnight short strategy in the S&P 500
Buy when the S&P 500 makes new intraday high?
RSI(2) on SPY
Big moves on Mondays – update
End of month strategy in the S&P 500 – update
3 down days – and gap up?
3 day low in ETFs
What happens after an “extraordinary” big fall in the S&P 500?
When SPY closes on 20 day high on Mondays and Tuesdays
How to make money from the close until tomorrow’s open in SPY, part 2
When SPY falls two times more than average change
When SPY diverges from recent high and low: a day trading strategy
How to make money from the close until tomorrow’s open in SPY/S&P 500
When SPY closes near the bottom of its range but still positive for the day
Two big down days in a row in SPY
Opening gaps in SPY/S&P 500, part 1
At what time of the day does SPY/S&P 500set high and low?
Using the VIX to trade S&P 500
The trend is not your friend in the S&P 500 (and other indices)
End of month strategy in the S&P 500
Four down days and up?
Nasdaq systems (QQQ trading strategies):
RSI(2) on QQQ (Nasdaq)
Monday/Tuesday trade in Nasdaq
Nasdaq (QQQ) mean reversion
Daily effects in long-term Treasuries
Consumer staples systems (XLP trading strategies):
XLP trading strategies (Why trade XLP)
Internal bar strength in consumer staples
Trade the boring consumer stocks when they open down and yesterday was a down day
Larry Connors’ %b strategy (Bollinger Bands)
Larry Connors’ R3 strategy
Larry Connors’ RSI 25 & RSI 75
Larry Connors’ 3-day high/low method
Market neutral momentum in SPY and EEM
Monthly momentum in SPY and EEM
Monthly momentum in SPY and TLT (rotation strategy)
A monthly momentum strategy in ETFs (EEM, SPY, TLT)
A simple pair trading strategy in liquid ETFs


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