November 3

Robust Long-Short Strategy in SP500 – (E-Mini Futures Trading) – #23


Robust Long-Short Strategy in SP500


@ES (.D)

Robust Long-Short Strategy in SP500 - (E-Mini Futures Trading) - #23


Profit Factor: 2.3

Avg Trade: $505

Winning Trades: 69%

Trades: 217

Units: 1

A Closer Look into the SP500 E Mini Futures trading strategy

I cannot stress enough how impressive this edge is! The logic is incredibly simple, and still, it creates this beautiful equity graph! 

This trading strategy makes use of a unique pattern to detect when the market has strayed away too far from its average. Both Long and Short.

Looking at the profit factor we also see that we have some healthy margin, with a value residing around the three-mark. In markets, to be really sure that we are observing a real edge. And as you see, this is the case here!

A complete edge with Tradestation code, Easy language, ELD file and workspace.


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