April 7

SP500 Dippbuyer (Jan 2022) – Since Year 2000

sp500 dippbuyer


Profit Factor: 2,83

Avg Trade: $660

Winning Trades: 77%

Trades: 233

Units: 1

A Closer Look into the trading strategy

This trading strategy Is an old school dippbuyer in the index future SP500 but with a twist. This unique feature has made it last over 20 years of dippbuying. You do not want to miss this one. 

Looking at the profit factor we also see that we have some healthy margin, with a value residing close to the three-mark. In markets, with an upwards bias we generally want a higher profit factor, to be really sure that we are observing a real edge. And as you see, this is the case here!

Published edges are available to all gold annual members!


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