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DAX Gap and Short – #31


German DAX Futures trading strategy



DAX - Gap and Short


Profit Factor: 2,3

Avg Trade: $230

Winning Trades: 60%

Trades: 175

Units: 1

A Closer Look into the trading strategy

Are you looking for a way to diversify your portfolio and add some shorts to your trading strategy? The German DAX Future is an exciting way to do just that with a classic Gap and Short trading strategy. This strategy has been used by many traders to take advantage of short-term price movements in the market.

This strategy is not without risk, however. Just like any other strategy, past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance. You should always use proper risk management and understand the risks involved before trading. But if you’re looking for a way to diversify and add some shorts to your portfolio, the German DAX Future is a great way to do so.

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