64 Blogs and Websites To Find Quantitative Trading Strategies And Algorithmic Trading  Info

Algorithmic trading blogs are good sources of information for algo traders of all levels. For new traders seeking information on the Internet, there are many sources available. At The Robust Trader, we know that it might be hard to know what is worthwhile and what is not. That is why we have created this article to list 64 trading blogs and websites where you can find information on the topic of algo trading.

An algo trading blog and website offer different content, ranging from basics to more advanced trading methodologies and strategies. We are sure that every trader will find a lot of valuable resources in at least one of the websites or trading blogs linked!

Let us get to it and examine 64 trading blogs and websites online where you might find quantitative analyses and strategies:

  1. Quantifiable Strategies

Quantified Strategies is a blog focused on trading and investing, with an emphasis on data-driven and testable strategies. The author, who is a full-time trader and investor since 2001, shares their knowledge and insights on various trading and investing topics, including quantified strategies, market analysis, and risk management. The blog aims to provide readers with actionable and reliable information that can help them make better-informed decisions in the financial markets. Overall, Quantified Strategies is a great resource for traders and investors looking to improve their skills and knowledge in the field of trading and investing.

  1. Algo Trader

On this site, you will find content that is more complex and most viable for quantitative analysis professionals who operate in hedge funds. Here you will find software information that provides solutions to quantitative trading strategies in Forex, equity and derivative markets.


  1. Quantified Edges

Rob Hanna, the founder of this algorithmic trading blog, provides subscribers and traders with publications on quantitative trading strategies and mechanical systems used for trading stocks and EFTs using sentiments, breadth, volume and price actions to monitor market conditions.


Quantifiable Edges

  1. Babypips

You can find different quantitative trading strategies and approaches in this site detailing the planning necessary to efficiently and correctly execute this trade. It gives an integrated approach that forms the first and sophisticated understanding of the concept of mechanical trading strategies for trading Algos.


  1. Robot Wealth

Robot wealth contains vast information on how to succeed as a trader, and their exciting content therein that pertains to algos is easy to understand.


  1. Quora

They pride themselves in being the best site that provides excellent information to investors with programming skills who want to trade and find trading edges. This site is for individuals who are more conversant with technology and complex Algo designs.


  1. Cloud 9 Trader

This site uses a cloud-based voice trading approach to provide a platform for live streaming charts that investors are using to give informative structures on transcribing trading conversations.


  1. Tradeworks

Algorithm trading has undergone tremendous upgrading in simplifying how it works, and tradeworks provide a platform with real-time solutions for retail traders to start trading.


  1. Quantinsti

Quantinsti is a great source that provides thought-provoking articles on trading ideas ranging from simple arguments to more complex insightful ones.


  1. The Robust Trader

Also known as TRT, the Robust Trader contains numerous trading content that educates and empowers the retail trader with the necessary knowledge to make more profit and succeed in the quantitative trading arena.

The Robust Trader – Trading Strategies and Trading Signals

  1. ASX Market Watch

The site run by Dave McLachlan who provides Amibroker tutorials is based on the Australian market and offers free useful content and videos for excellent trading ideas.


  1. Elite Trader

Elite trader provides discussions and threads relating to trading quantitative trading strategies, for algorithmic traders It is more of a social network where traders link to discuss on matters quantitative trading.


  1. Coinfi

This algorithmic trading blog by Dom Wells explains and tests arbitrage opportunities on exchanges to help investors take advantage of them and make huge rewards. The algorithmic trading blog gives a step by step procedure for maximum profits.


  1. Streak

Streak provides a one of a kind trading platform without coding. The site offers interfaces for backtesting, deploying and pricing trades live in the market. It has simplified algo trading.


  1. Quantiacs

Quantiacs is a platform that offers quant skills and competitions for algo traders, providing an incredible way for interested persons to build a track record in algorithm trading.


  1. Day Trading

Day trading examines the most sophisticated automated day trading software to help customize and backtest results and minimize errors. The site has mechanical, algorithmic, system trading content and expert advisors who enable day traders input orders for trade entries and exit.  This site provides an excellent tutorial site for historical stock price researchers.

daytrading com

  1. Quantpedia

To find relevant, useful information on quants then this is a go-to site for algorithmic traders. The organization of the site and academic strategy are in a format that is easy to grasp. Many have referred to this site as the online quant encyclopedia. Systems, time frames and market strategies that have been known to work are presented here in a refreshing way.


  1. Price Action Lab 

Trader Michael Harris, an expert, built the action price software for quantitative trading ideas. He gives a breakdown of how the software works and the information therein is mind blowing and provides a different view of quantitative analysis. According to him, there is more to learn and understand contrary to what most people think. A great quantitative trading blog for algorithmic traders!


  1. Decoding Markets

Decoding Markets from Joe Marwood is a quant trading blog that focuses on US stocks and ETFs. He uses Amibroker to test and research new trading ideas. He also provides useful insights on backtesting, investing, and systematic trading. A good source of valuable information.


  1. Quant Start

The quant start is an algorithmic trading blog providing investors with numerous ways to start a career in quantitative finance with resourceful articles and videos.


  1. Dual Momentum

If you want to reduce market losses and increase on long-term returns, this site will provide you with an in-depth investing method. It offers a way of utilizing market variations regarding strength and trend.


  1. InvestiQuant

Investiquant known as IQ provides automated algo trading techniques and strategies that have undergone refining and testing to match different investor styles and goals. IQ offers some of the best predictive analytics with live trading experiences and is an excellent site for investors who aim at achieving long-term returns while reducing losses. This is a great website and quantitative trading blog for algorithmic traders!


  1. Automated Trading System

Au.Tra.Sy blog by Jez Liberty provides insights and research on automated trading system development. The kind of information found on this quantitative trading blog can be used by financial managers and brokers to manage a client’s portfolio automatically. Jez Liberty offers the best trend following strategies that help build wealth over time.


  1. Alvarez Quant Trading- Trading Blog

Alvarez, a quant researcher, gives professional advice on trading strategies that will boost the confidence of investors who are skeptical about dipping their feet in quantitative trading. There is so much interesting information on many successful quantitative trading strategies used by investors and fund managers that he has developed and is being used in the USA and internationally. Alvarez algorithmic trading blog indeed is worth checking out!


  1. Trading Markets

Trading markets contain a wide range of journals written by Larry Connor ranging from hedge fund information, position sizing to increase returns on trading opportunities. I must admit that the content and analysis here is well researched and crucial for day-to-day traders who want to go deep and improve their trading.


  1. Quantstrat Trader

Quantstrat trader is a quantitative trading blog written by Ilya Kipnis, a quantitative research analyst who goes on to give a detailed analysis of problems affecting quantitative finance and asset management and at the same time offer solutions on the same. Quant analysis is undeniably volatile and by objectively defining the indicators and rules then testing them to something different brings several dimensions to quants trading systems.


  1. Index Trader

With a lack of transparency and false information going around on the internet on mechanical trading, Brent Penfold developed a real-time mechanical model with results to prove that what he is using works and is not just a theory. This site has information with tangible evidence to support whatever quantitative trading strategy he is educating on, and so you get a feeling of surety and transparency.

Brent Penfold is a great trader with a long track record, and reading his algo trading blog will provide you with a lot of valuable information!


  1. Day Trade

The steps and guidelines for developing a profitable trading system are on this quantitative trading blog. Here you will see excellent content on how to make decisions based on a platform that has undergone thorough backtesting to help a client develop their trading system.


  1. Oreilly

Bill O’Reilly founder and managing partner of the Python Quant have his focus on open source technologies for quantitative finance and algorithmic trading. The information here is complex and more or less for computer gurus with a keen interest in computational finance.


  1. Wiley Online Library

Newbies who want to try out mechanical trading can give the site a try because it provides proven currency trading strategies that are based on fixed routines regardless of market activity. This style is based suited for new traders who are not so much into risk-taking but love set methods that work.


  1. Jay On The Markets

Jay Kaeppel goes on to give webinars and to challenge information on market indices and the fundamentals that drive prices of different variables concerning positive or negative correlation.  This site is useful for Intermarket analysis and investors keen on such markets can achieve a lot regarding profit from their trades. A very interesting algorithmic trading blog with a new approach!


  1. Hacker Noon

Hacker moon gives a detailed analysis of proliferation tools and services for algorithmic trading processes that will work perfectly fine for individual investors.


  1. Back Trader

Web interfaces have been rolled out, and back trader provides the best engines for live backtesting. It was built on python, and so investors can use this site to have a clean, efficient and straightforward interface to run.


  1. Quant Rocket

For investors looking for pricing plans, then the quant rocket is one site which provides a flexible platform for backtesting as well as live trading capabilities. The section defines Individual coding with solutions and techniques presented for better automation.


  1. Quant Connect

Quant connect has been going for a while and contains enough free backtesting tools and data for engineers to design algorithmic trading systems to succeed in the trading world.


  1. Social Sciences Research Network

SSRN is your go-to site for great papers and high-quality academic information. If you are looking for relevant additional content on finance and trading, then SSRN will fit the bill. Like an algorithmic trading blog, but more advanced!


  1. Trade2win Forum

Trade2win Forum has new threads on quant trading strategies and navigating through the sections, and you will find trading discussions from the UK that will empower the retail trader.


  1. Better System Trader

Better system trader is an algorithmic trading blog and podcast that provides practical tips for traders and experts across the world. There have quite many podcast interviews with experts in the industry who give intriguing views on algo trading.


  1. Alpha Architect

Education is alpha architect’s tool for empowering investors by providing strategies that reduce the behavioral return gap among traders.  Long-term, independent-minded investors who aim at getting value for their money can use this site as an excellent source of information.


  1. The Chartist

Nick Radge is competent; trend follower Australian based Amibroker programmer who has authored informative articles and videos on investment models that allow traders to copy and make the most return on investment. This algorithmic trading blog is a must read!


  1. Turing Finance

Turing Finance shows ideas on the application of modern financial markets and computer science on quantitative trading.


  1. Ernie Chan

Ernie Chan’s quantitative trading blog has lots of interesting, thought to provoke insights into quantitative trading. He is a well-respected author with some best-selling books on quant trading, and so his trading ideas on the matter is a must read. Have a look at this trading algorithmic trading blog!


Ernie Chan
Ernie Chan
  1. Quants Portal

Quants portal is a hedge fund offering various resourceful information on momentum investment. The site is useful in creating a dynamic curriculum on financial plans as well as improving trading skills.


  1. Alpha Droid

The site shares ideas on common and noteworthy approaches to investors and financial advisors including momentum investment, mean revision and factor-based investing. Alpha droid is a portfolio management tool that uses various trading approaches to the market by following market trends and construct investment portfolios for clients.


  1. Coursera

Coursera is a site that is designed to provide algorithmic courses that offer, optimization, problem-solving skills and processes implementation techniques for individuals within the software.


  1. Quant News

Quant news is a platform providing a series of tutorials, news and research update on all things quant trading.  The site also offers webinars and seminar where sessions ran by professionals in the industry present interactive coding and in-depth understanding of instructions to automate strategies using python.


  1. Masters In Data Science

There are frequently asked a question on data science and everything quantitative analysis, and this site contains original and insightful information to answer those questions. It goes on to give detailed descriptions of qualifications and skills for experts and professionals, including the pay they should expect to receive in return.


  1. Financial Spread Betting

Financial spread betting is your go-to site for all information relating to betting on mechanical trades. There is, however, a vast source of content to help narrow down your options on why trading or gambling is a viable option.  Information ranges from a financial glossary, trading plans to hedging with spreads. It is advisable to trade carefully and responsibly with such a provider because there are high chances of losing money in your account.


  1. Mechanical Market Timing

There are testimonials on this site to justify the trading experiences of individual investors. The place is for traders who want to grow their capital in bull and bear markets. Methodologies, trading statistics and performance chats dominate this site for clarity and transparency purposes. There are remarkably new features to the place that improve on the trading services offered therein.


  1. Professional Trading Systems

Professional trading system builds portfolios that are on the professional breakout and professional reversion system to explain the metrics and concept of profitable mechanical trading strategies. The site gives crucial information on how plans work and differentiate the techniques used in algorithmic, quantitative and automated trades.


  1. Zorro Trader

Zorro is an automated trading software that assists in mechanical learning and algorithmic trading. Zorro is an excellent tool in detecting price anomalies, patterns optimization of parameters for online brokers and traders. It is a free communal project aimed at boosting productivity and in turn, helps people participate in their profits.


  1. Daily FX

Forex news and market analysis is their principal mission. The site has new mind-blowing information on trading strategies whenever they change and the best path to follow for successive algo trading. It is an excellent site for those who want to keep abreast of emerging trends in the market.


  1. Reddit

Reddit is a space for algo traders who want to interact and have healthy academic and technical debates. Content here is worth keeping an eye on for regular resourceful threads related to trading systems.


  1. Efinancial Careers

EFC provides inconceivable information on how to succeed as a trader in quantitative finance. I think the content found on this site is worth the time because the Swiss-based founder Richard Olsen, a finance veteran has penned down noteworthy material on quant hedge funds, FX trading and helpful guides to creating an automated trading algorithm.


  1. For Trade

Investing in quants and algos can be tough especially newbie’s who have little faith in risk-taking investment opportunities. For trade helps traders take that step by providing satisfying content that will help them jump into the exciting world of electronic trading markets. Check out this quantitative trading blog.


  1. Happy Forex

Happy forex is an automated trading system site that offers live accounts to help an individual maximize their forex profits.  It has professionals who keep track of trading results with fulltime updates to be on par with trades regardless of the outcome. The site prides in providing orders in both directions so that in case of an impact in forex rates, investors can cash in and make significant profits. Happy clients, markets and forex is their primary goal.


  1. Mathworks

Mathworks is a website that uses trading systems based on MATLAB. The forum has exciting information for developing, applying, calculating profits and performance executions in algorithmic trading.  It has a section that outlines an effective workflow for algorithmic trading and how users can deploy mathematical models to exploit the market. An interesting read I must say.


  1. Empirica

Empirica is a crypto trading site that offers the necessary infrastructure for algo trading implementation.  It has a wide range of documentation and insights on successful algorithmic trading. It is an algorithmic software created for professional traders that offers a safe environment for building trading strategies with real-time or historical data.


  1. AFM

AFM is a site that offers professional advice on market structures, high-frequency trading [HFTs], risk controls and other topics in a transparent manner. You want information on algorithm trading regardless of the adverse outcomes involved?  Then this is your go-to site.


  1. KNECT365

KNECT365 is a London platform that offers information regarding algorithmic governance and controls. All necessary information relating to the regulation and conduct of algo trading institutions is on this site. To be conversant with the framework for active electronic algorithmic trading, then this site would come in handy.


  1. Live Stream Trading

Traders usually make inconsistent mistakes while trading and unfortunately end up losing on their investment. Living from trading offers webinars to highlight these mistakes giving ways on how to increase profits while reducing trading costs.


  1. Trade Smart

Trade smart online [TSO] offers trading apps to help with online trading for investors and brokers. The app is an exciting addition to algorithm trading because it gives the trader a niche above the rest.  Technology has a significant impact on new trading and continuous updates about the markets assists in trading better. TSO with reliable technology brings the trading space to a whole new level.


  1. Springer Link

Springer link has a tremendous amount of information on computational finance. The content here is worth noting for algorithmic trading actions. The news is broken down in simple terms that are easy to grasp by an investor with no prior finance background. You can also use the content for research purposes and academic paper writing.


  1. Quant At Risk

The site ran by founder Dr. Pawel Lachowicz an analyst at the bank of New York, has A collection of articles on algo trading models and execution are on this site. It is also known as the encyclopedia of quantitative trading strategies with workshops and ebooks.


65. Build Alpha – David Bergstrom

The site Biold Alpha is run by founder Dave Bergstrom.

You can find a lot more similar information about trading blogs here.

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