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Best Swing Trading Service and Swing Trading WebSite 2022 (Alert and Groups Analysis)

Last Updated on 10 February, 2024 by Trading System

The stock market returns about 10% per annum on average over the long term. While some investors may like that and focus on passive investing, such as investing in index funds managed by roboadvisors, active traders are not satisfied with that and are always looking for how to beat the market trading individual stocks. Swing trading, which is a form of trading that tries to benefit from medium-term price moves that last from a few days to a few months, has become the most fashionable way to engage in active trading.

But one of the biggest issues for prospective swing traders in this day and age when information is readily available is getting the right information. In the past, before the internet, the only source of information for traders was books and magazines. Now, there are many websites that claim to offer the best swing trading service online, but how do you know a good swing trading site that offers the right swing trading service ?

We will take a look at that in this post and also look at a few swing trading sites, but first, let’s understand what a swing trading service is.

What is a swing trading service?

Swing trading is basically a style of trading that attempts to capture short-term to medium-term price moves in a stock, or any financial instrument, over a few days to several weeks. Expectedly, swing traders primarily use technical analysis to look for trading opportunities but may also combine that with some market catalysts in the form of news and fundamental analysis.

A swing trading service is, therefore, a trading service that enlightens you about the factors that move the markets, teaches you how to identify tradable swing opportunities in the markets, and may even offer swing trading signals that show you which stocks to buy or sell, when to place a trade, and when to exit from the trade.

Best Swing Trading Service and Swing Trading WebSite 2022 (Alert and Groups Analysis)

Thus, a swing trading service is not a brokerage service and does not help you place your orders in the market. It is also not an asset management service, so it does not manage your investment capital for you. Swing trading services are basically about financial enlightenment, swing trading education, and swing trade recommendations, which include stock selection and trading signals.

Some of the services may be free, while others may require a subscription. But it is left for you to act on the information you receive — whether it is paid or free. 

How to know a good swing trading service

A good swing trading service must offer some or all of the following services:

Financial education

A quality swing trading website must offer some form of financial education to its visitors. Anyone visiting the site should feel enlightened in one way or another. The site can achieve this by having some interesting articles and blog posts on different topics about financial trading in general and swing trading in particular, and this service has to be free.

Reliable swing trading signal service

One of the ultimate aims of a swing trading service, especially the one that focuses on the stock market, is to help traders identify short-term tradable opportunities in the market. This service includes stock recommendations, or what some people call stock picking. But the service doesn’t end picking the stocks to trade; it also tells you whether to buy or sell the stocks, when to do that, when to close your trades, and how to manage your trade (such as moving the stop loss to breakeven or closing a portion of the trade).

This service is almost always a paid one, even though the mode of payment may differ. For some providers, the service can be bought outright, whereby the client gets lifetime access to all the signals released by the provider. Many swing trading signal providers, however, operate the monthly or yearly subscription model. The last group who parade themselves as offering free signals actually do affiliate marketing, whereby you have to register with their chosen broker to gain access to the free signals, and they get paid from the higher trading commission the broker charges you.

High-quality trading courses

Another main aim of a swing trading service is paid swing trading education arranged in the form of swing trading courses. These courses help you to master the art of swing trading by taking you through all aspects of trading from the basic trading terminologies to trade analysis, money management, risk management, and trading psychology. Of course, this is a paid service, and it often requires a one-off payment to gain access to the courses.

The best swing trading services and their websites

Many trading websites claim to offer swing trading services, but not all of them are worth your time. We have gone through the web to select the best swing trading service and their websites. Here they are:

The Robust Trader

The Robust Trader is a swing trading service operated by a team of expert traders headed by a former Merrill Lynch prop trader who has more than 20 years of trading experience. The swing trading services have been around for more than 6 years, offering free trading articles that can help you get enlightened about the financial markets, as well as high-quality swing trading courses and swing trading signal service.

Their swing trading signal service has a solid track record of success over their 6 years’ history. It has more than 74% winning trades and a profit factor of 2.2, which makes it about the best swing trading signal for stock trading. The swing trading signal delivers high-quality trading signals to your inbox every morning before the New York Stock Exchange opens, and the signals are easy to follow: each signal tells you which stocks to trade and whether to buy, sell, or hold your position in those stocks.

Morpheus Trading Group

Morpheus Trading Group (MTG) is a swing trading service that offers financial education (a trading blog) and stock picking services. The group offers a nightly swing trading report that delivers you top momentum and growth stock picks with monster reward per limited risk on each trade. Their package includes real-time trade alerts, live trader chat, and a swing trading classroom. MTG has been operating in the financial market since 2002 and has helped thousands of traders score massive gains from the hottest movers in the stock market — while also learning their simple, no-nonsense swing trading strategy.

While their cumulative win rate and expectancy is not easily available on the site, the Q1, 2014 data on their site shows a 53% win rate. While this may not be so impressive, it is important to note that they survived the 2008 market collapse and even ended the year on the positive, according to them.


Stockbee is a premium swing trading service provider that focuses on trading new traders on how to swing trade. The website has some free articles that explain several trading concepts and methods, but if you truly want to gain access to their premium trading and learn swing trading, you will need to subscribe to their paid membership program, which cost $300 for a three-month subscription or $389 for a full year’s subscription.

As a Stockbee member, you will learn the basics of swing trading, momentum investing, growth investing, and risk management. You will be thought many strategies, including the Stockbee Momentum Burst breakouts, Stockbee Trend Intensity Breakouts, Stockbee Episodic Pivots Breakouts, and Stockbee Lemonade Strategy for 401k. Also, you get to see many other methods shared by fellow members. Moreover, you will learn how to set up your own scans, how to select the right kind of stocks, how to setup stops, when to enter, when to exit, how much to risk, how to track your trades, and all other details about trading.

Top Stock Picks

Top Stock Picks is a swing trading mentorship program that is focused on swing trades all over the market spectrum — from stocks as low as $1 to any big-board trades, as well as ETFs and options. The service is managed by Jeff Bishop, a trader with over two decades of trading experience.

Jeff is a millionaire trader with a special gift for trading stocks, options, and ETFs. He holds two degrees from the University of Texas in Finance and Economics and is a passionate teacher. With all those credentials, he has what it takes to teach trading.

Jason Bond Picks

This is a swing trading service run by Jason Bond, a former New York Public Schools teacher, who left his school teaching career in 2011 to pursue a more exciting and profitable stock trading career on Wall Street. He leveraged his unparalleled passion for teaching with his love for trading to create the highest quality swing trading newsletter on Wall Street. He currently has thousands of paying subscribers to his trading community

Jason’s services focus on stocks and not bonds, and his niche is a swing trading strategy. He has been trading for himself and also teaches thousands of students who have to subscribe to his premium services. Over the past 10 years, Jason’s record has been pretty consistent.

BioTech Breakouts

This is a swing trading service offered by Kyle Dennis, a former protégé of Jason Bond Picks. Like his mentor, Kyle’s service focuses on swing trading training. Kyle started his mentorship program when he was still in Jason’s mastermind program but later left to run his own.

Although called BioTech Breakouts, the program is not focused on biotech stocks alone. In fact, Kyle’s trades across all sectors, however, his most explosive profits came from trading stocks in the biotechnology sector. He doesn’t run a signal service; he only focuses on the mentorship program.

Superman Trades

This is a trading service designed for all types of active traders — swing traders, day traders, and scalpers. The service is focused on premium research and trade alerts as well as paid training. It is run by Paul Scolardi, a Certified Public Accountant, who has nearly two decades of experience as a trader and became a self-made millionaire trading stocks.

Those who subscribe to the Superman Trade Alert service, which costs $147 per month, get daily stock watchlist newsletters and real-time alerts via email and SMS, and there is also a real-time commentary with Scolardi and other traders in his chatroom. The Superman Pro service — which, in addition to the trade alert package, comes with learning resources, such as weekly videos, access to a rich educational video library, premium stock research reports, and an earnings tracker — costs $247 per month.

Scolardi runs his Superman subscription service via the Profit.ly platform. While he does teach day trading and scalping, his trading expertise lies in swing trading.

Investor’s business daily

Investor’s business daily is a premium stock research and signal service founded by William O’Neil, a renowned stockbroker, author, and creator of the CANSLIM trading maxim. The CANSLIM trading model is a system for selecting growth stocks using a combination of fundamental analysis and technical techniques.

This service focuses on high-level stock research and analysis. It is rooted in a well-balanced combination of fundamentals and technical, and it often has coverage of individual companies and sectors. While some of their calls may be for position trading, a lot of them are for swing trades that last for a few weeks.

Apart from giving you a list of stocks with trading potentials, they also offer access to educational resources like live webinars, how-to video library, live investing workshops, complimentary product coaching, and many more. All those at a very affordable subscription rate. On their website, there are also many free educational resources, such as the market trend, news, and others.

Best Swing Trading Service and Swing Trading WebSite 2022 (Alert and Groups Analysis)

Which is the best swing trading service?

So, how do you choose the best swing trading service? It definitely depends on what you want to achieve — just getting swing trading signals or learning to trade yourself, or even both (earning and learning). Many of the swing trading signals we discussed tend to focus on one service or the other, but it is better to go for a swing trading service that offers everything, such as the Robust Trader, where you have the opportunity to earn and learn at the same time if you wish to.

Here you can find our archive with many good swing trading articles.


What is a swing trading service?

A swing trading service is not a brokerage or asset management service. It is a service that educates users about market factors, teaches them to identify swing trading opportunities, and may provide swing trading signals for buying or selling stocks.

What does a swing trading service offer?

A good swing trading service offers financial education through articles and blog posts, swing trading signal services with stock recommendations, and high-quality swing trading courses.

How do I choose a good swing trading service?

Look for a swing trading service that offers financial education, reliable swing trading signals, and high-quality trading courses. Consider services with a solid track record and positive reviews from users.

What makes a swing trading signal service reliable?

A reliable swing trading signal service provides stock recommendations, clear instructions on when to buy or sell, when to close trades, and guidance on trade management. Look for services with a proven track record of success.

What is the best swing trading service?

The best swing trading service depends on individual goals. Services like The Robust Trader, Morpheus Trading Group, and Stockbee offer a combination of education and signals, providing users with opportunities to earn and learn simultaneously.

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