Testimonials – Review (The Robust Trader)

Under construction. These are not real and just sample texts. We have hundreds of testimonials and will publish them soon here.

I love how easy the tool is to get started, and how there are several handy templates to choose from.

The structure and the freedom. It has well defined strategies which work well for me. I copy content from one category to another and get what I need to get done. After all its AI and you need to play around to get what you want.”

There would be a lot to list down, some of them are: 1. Ability to create projects and workspaces to keep related documents together and organized. 2. Free to use (obviously) 3. Various trading strategies available using which you can design a professional-looking document”

The Robust Trader is an ingenious tool for your trading. It’s very easy to use and is a great investment for any company or brand that works in trading, I use RT as my creative trading assistant daily. The templates and tools are perfect for getting you unstuck and for getting the words in your head and into a coherent structure in the portfolio.”

I’ve tried pretty much every trading sites tool on the market and I have to say The Robust Trader is one of the best ones. I was impressed by how easy it was to use the tool, and how much of the hard work the tool does for you.

What is a Testimonial? The first biggest difference between a testimonial vs review is that the testimonial is more in-depth. In a testimonial, the customer explains their experience with your product or service, why they chose it, and how it improved their lives. The main difference between reviews and testimonials is that reviews are displayed on third-party platforms, while testimonials are displayed by platforms owned by the business. You’ve probably been asked to give your feedback on your experience with a business in the form of a testimonial in the past. But you may also be asked to post a review on a third-party website like Trip Advisor or Google. But while reviews and testimonials are quite similar, is there actually a difference? And is one better than the other for getting new customers?

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