September 19

Stoxx50 Eurowinner – #32


Stoxx50 Euro winner - Futures trading strategy



fesx stoxx50


Profit Factor: 2,01

Avg Trade: $199

Winning Trades: 69%

Trades: 237

Units: 1

A Closer Look into the trading strategy

A Trend-following trading strategy for the European Eurex exchange. Good for diversification right? Yes, more people should seek the opportunity that world exchanges can give to your trading and portfolios. This one is no different. The logic is not very difficult to understand and some of the features can be found in other markets. The tricky part when making a strategy for the Stox50 futures market is to make something that is not curved fitted and over-optimized. How do we know that this strategy is not over-optimized? The simple fact is that we have been trading this strategy for many years and due to the robustness of this strategy we felt obligated to share the strategy. I hope that you will have as much fin with it as we have. Good trading!


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Swing Trading Alerts (+Results)
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