September 19

OilTimer – An edge and market timer in Oil (Crude) – #27


OilTimer - An edge in Crude Oil


USO and (@CL)

OilTimer - An edge and market timer in Oil (Crude) - #27


Profit Factor: 9,5

Avg Trade: $24 (1 share)

Winning Trades: 64%

Trades: 60

Units: 1 (USO)

A Closer Look

This edge in Crude Oil  uses some basic combination of conditions that attempt to identify the long term and short term direction of the trend. It has worked very well as a market timer for Crude Oil. Once the conditions are favorable, a trade is entered, and is held until there is an order in the opposite direction. 

The edge is always in the market, either short or long.

The edge work great on the ETF USO but also on the CL futures contracts.



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