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Daytrader in Nasdaq – (Day trading Strategy) – #9


Nasdaq 100



Daytrader in Nasdaq - (Day trading Strategy) - #9


Profit Factor: 1,66

Avg Trade: $170

Winning Trades: 60%

Trades: 370

Units: 1

Daytrading In Nasdaq Futures

Daytrading in futures can indeed be very profitable! This impressive edge uses a simple logic, and withstood the market turmoil of 2018. As you see, the slope of the curve even rose with increased levels of volatility!  

This edge indeed is impressive! Ever since 2006, it has managed to perform through market crashes and market turmoil. We discovered it a few years ago, and since then it has continued to make new highs.

And the rate has even accelerated throughout 2018/2019!

Daytrading Nasdaq

Daytrading Nasdaq

Actually, this day trading Strategy and edge could nearly be traded right away, given its simplicity and long track record. However, with one more filter it could become even better. Feel free to experiment on your own!

The number of trades in this strategy can be adjusted by changing the input values!

The edge is composed of:

  1. An Indicator
  2. A Volatility Filter
  3. An End of Day Exit

All edges come with open Tradestation code in Easy language. An ELD file and workspace.

Can I Trade It Right Away?

This edge has performed for a few years in out of sample, which is a good indication that it will continue to deliver going forward.

However, we would encourage you to run your robustness testing procedures before trading any edge! Especially since you probably want to experiment with adding more filters, since the logic is so simple!

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