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Gold trading strategy – Using Range Distribution – #3


Gold Futures trading strategy



Gold trading strategy - Using Range Distribution - #3


Profit Factor: 2.24

Avg Trade: $446

Winning Trades: 53%

Trades: 97

Units: 1

A Closer Look into the trading strategy

In the gold market, there are some very simple edges that have worked well over time. This edge is such logic!

The edge is composed of:

  1. A range filter
  2. A price action filter
  3. Two types of different exits

All edges come with open Tradestation code in Easy language. An ELD file and workspace.

1. A Range Filter

You can use range filters in a variety of different ways! This approach is a little different than what you use to see.

2. A Price Action Filter

A simple price action filter becomes the entry signal. The logic is symmetrical for long and short entries.

3. Two Types of Exits

The edge utilizes two types of exits. The first one is a price pattern, and the second one is a simple time exit. As always, you should test an idea on several markets. Here are the exact same rules as above applied to the 30-Yr U.s Treasury futures and the Soybean futures market!

Gold Edge on 30-year Treasuries
Gold Edge on 30-year Treasuries
Gold Edge on Soybean market
Gold Edge on Soybean market

Now, if you reverse the rules of the edge, then there is even more to find! Have a look!

Below is the result on the soybean meal futures market

Gold edge on BO
Gold edge on BO

Below follows the results for the Natural Gas futures market.

Gold edge on NG
Gold edge on NG

No parameters were shifted, so there definitely is room for improvements!

Published edges are available to all gold annual members!

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