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Here you find all edges published on the site so far!

The downloadable file contains: 

  • TradeStation Workspace and Code
  • Rules In Plain English

Latest Edge

All edges below are available for download to gold annual members only!

September 2020 - Swiss Franc Trading Edge

August 2020 - Soybean Meal Day Trading Edge

July 2020 - Gold Day Trading Edge

June 2020 - Robust Edge In Crude Oil (USO and CL)

May 2020 - Daytrader In Nasdaq (NQ)

April 2020 - Catching Pullbacks in Bonds Futures (US)

March 2020 - Edge in Cocoa Futures(CC)

February 2020 - Edge in Heating Oil(HO)

January 2020 - Close Reversion in Bonds (US)

December 2019 - Incredible Night Edge (SPY)

November 2019 - Trading Gold Using Range Distribution

October 2019 - British Pounds Average True Range Pullback

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  • An overnight Trading Idea for Silver Miners
  • Using IBS together with an oscillator to catch swings at night
  • What if you tweak the RSI indicator a bit?
  • An approach to successfully apply VIX in your swing trading
  • Buying the dip with bollinger bands