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Tradestation, all you need to know about Tradestation

Last Updated on 10 February, 2024 by Abrahamtolle


Tradestation, all you need to know. TradeStation is a software running on MS Windows, designed, sold and distributed by TradeStation Securities. It is a technical analysis software and an electronic trading platform that is used to analyze and trade the financial markets. It uses an integrated proprietary programming language named EasyLanguage.

TradeStation is a professional trading platform for financial market traders. It is used mainly for small investment operations since large financial institutions tend to have their own solutions developed internally. It provides broad functionality for receiving real-time data, displaying graphs, and entering investment positions. Although it comes with a large number of pre-defined indicators, people can create and display their own indicators using the EasyLanguage integrated programming language.

TradeStation manages the development, testing, and automation of all aspects of trading. Trading strategies can be back-tested and optimized from historical data before being made operational and traded “in real life”. TradeStation can either be used as a test and research tool, or as a trading platform with TradeStation Securities acting as a brokerage firm.

Beginning Algorithmic Trading with TradeStation

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