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This SIMPLE Trading Strategy Has A 91.03% Win Rate (Insights)

Last Updated on 10 February, 2024 by Trading System

The Triple RSI Trading Strategy is a method for exploiting short-term pullbacks in the stock market during a long-term rising trend. The strategy uses the S&P 500 and the ETF with the ticker code SPY as proxies for the stock market. The trading rules involve monitoring the 5-day RSI, which must be below 30, down for the third day in a row, and below 63 trading days ago. Additionally, the close must be higher than the 200-day moving average, and the market must be in a rising trend. The exit is triggered when the 5-day RSI rises above 50. The backtest of the strategy shows 78 trades since 1993, with an average gain per trade of 1.4%, 91% of trades are winners, and the average time invested per trade is six days. More trading strategies can be found at quantifiedstrategies.com.



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