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The struggling stock trader (Poetry)

Last Updated on 10 February, 2024 by Trading System

The markets are wild, the stocks are low
For a stock trader, it’s a show
He’s trying to make a living, but the market won’t turn
The stock trader’s feeling the burn

He’s checked the charts and done the math
But it’s still a losing path
His days are long and his nights are worse
A portfolio of losses, what a curse

He’s trying to get ahead, but things don’t seem to change
His stress has him feeling strange
He’s watching the news and the market swings
But nothing in the market really sings

He’s trying to make the right plays
But his money’s going the wrong ways
He’s desperate to make profits, but it’s just not enough
His hopes and dreams are too tough

The stock trader’s struggling to make it through
With all the volatility, it’s hard to do
But he’s still trying, with all his might
He’s determined to make it right.

But for the struggling stock trader,
From the US,
It can be difficult to make a profit,
When the prices can be so diverse.

The markets can be volatile,
And the trading can be risky,
But when the profit comes in,
It can be quite a treat.

So to the struggling stock trader,
From the US,
Keep your head held high,
And your trading will soon succeed.

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