Learn Swing Trading In Our

Swing Trading Course!

(Tradestation & Amibroker)

Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)

Here Is What You Get!

Trading Strategies!

Most traders struggle to find profitable and working trading strategies. 

Therefore, our course includes four ready-to-trade strategies that we use ourselves!

Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)
Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)

Stock Selection

In order to become a profitable trader, you need to know which stocks hold the highest profit potential!

Our course teaches you the exact method we use to only trade the stocks with the highest probability of a successful outcome! 

Risk Management

Having a sound risk management strategy in place is essential to become and remain a profitable trader!

We look at how you should approach risk management in a serious and responsible manner!


Risk of ruin calculator trading
Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)

Trading Psychology!

Dealing with your inner demons is paramount if you want to remain in the game for any longer period of time! 

We’ll introduce to the most common pitfalls, so that you don’t have to lose your own money succumbing to them!

Devising a Trading Plan and Keeping a Trading Journal

We’ll show you how to devise a trading plan that suits your needs, and what to include! 

You’ll also learn how to keep a trading journal, to continusly improve and grow as a trader!

The trading plan and journal are two tools that are vital to your success, but that sadly many people skip.

Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)

A Quantitative Approach (Important)!

The swing trading style you’ll learn is backed by studies on historical data to maximize the chances of a positive outcome!

In short,  this means that you always know the historical performance of a trade before you take it. 

This is a huge advantage compared to discretionary trading, where you just make a (most of the time) educated guess!

Below are some actual signals you'll learn to produce using the strategies and methods taught in the course!

Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)
Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)
Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)

Plus many more...

Supported Platforms

Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)


Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)


Swing Trading Course! (Tradestation & Amibroker)

Thinkorswim (Coming soon)

Learn the exact methods we use to swing trade the markets!

Swing Trading Course!

  • Four trading strategies!
  • Our exact stock selection method!
  • Our approach to risk managment and position sizing!
  • How to devise a trading plan that suits you!
  • How to Keep a trading journal, and why you should even bother!
  • Introduction to trading psychology!
  • Tradestation and Amibroker (Supported platforms)
  • $399 (lifetime)
swing trading course

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