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Long and Short Edge in Swiss Franc Futures – (trading strategy) – #13


Swiss Franc Futures trading strategy



Long and Short Edge in Swiss Franc Futures - (trading strategy) - #13


Profit Factor: 1.7

Avg Trade: $95

Winning Trades: 57%

Trades: 508

Units: 1

A Closer Look

Are you looking for an innovative way to access markets and trading strategies that are less correlated to the stock market? Look no further! Our currency markets strategy is perfect for those who are looking to diversify their investments and reduce the risk associated with stock market investments.

Our trading strategy goes both long and short, using a price pattern to signal both long and short entries. We provide all the necessary tools – including open Tradestation code in Easy language, an ELD file and workspace – to make it easy to implement the strategy. Furthermore, the strategy is backtested extensively, so you can be sure of its performance.

Not only is this strategy perfect for traditional traders, but it is also ideal for those who are familiar with Python as the code and strategy description are provided in plain English. With our currency markets strategy, you can gain exposure to markets and trading strategies that are less correlated with the usual stock indexes and reduce risk.

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