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Larry Williams – The Legend And Market Wizard Behind the Successful Trading Strategies

Last Updated on 10 February, 2024 by Abrahamtolle

Larry Williams is an accomplished American professional stock and commodity trader, author and instructor. He is the author of several books, including the best-selling “Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading” and “How I Made One Million Dollars Last Year Trading Commodities.” Larry has over 40 years of experience in the stock and commodity markets, and his strategies have been used by traders around the world. He is known for his use of technical analysis and strategies such as moving averages and oscillators. Larry currently teaches at the Online Trading Academy, providing valuable insights and strategies to aspiring traders. He has been featured on numerous television and radio shows, and his advice is sought after by many. Larry Williams is a respected figure in the trading community, and his expertise and knowledge can help traders achieve success in the markets.

Larry Williams is a renowned trader with over four decades of experience in the financial markets. He is known for his expertise in various areas, including commodities, stocks, futures, and options trading. Throughout his career, Williams has built a reputation as one of the most successful traders in the world, and his strategies have been studied by prestigious universities and sought after by major players in the industry. In addition to his trading accomplishments, Williams has also written several books on the subject, including “How I Made One Million Dollars Last Year Trading Commodities” and “The Complete Guide to Futures and Options Trading”.

He has contributed articles to financial publications, appeared on television and radio programs, and spoken at numerous conferences. In this blog post, we will delve into Larry Williams’ trading strategies and insights, including his use of technical analysis, chart patterns, and risk management techniques. We will also learn about his approach to portfolio management and market analysis, and how he has developed effective trading strategies over the course of his career. Stay tuned for valuable insights from one of the greatest traders of all time, Larry Williams!

Who is Larry Williams?

Larry Williams is a legendary stock, futures and commodities trader who has been trading since the late 1960s. He is known for his innovative strategies and techniques that enabled him to become one of the most successful traders in the world.

Williams was born in 1943 and grew up in California, USA. He began trading commodities when he was just a teenager, and his first trading results were impressive – he turned his $1,000 into $100,000 in just a few months. It was then that he realized that trading was his true calling.

Williams has since become a renowned trader and has developed a variety of trading systems and strategies. He is one of the pioneers of the momentum trading strategy and is known for his successful use of leverage. His trading strategies are based on technical indicators and he is famous for his use of oscillators, such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI), and moving averages.

Throughout his career, Williams has written several books on trading, as well as a number of articles for financial publications. He has also been featured in several documentaries and television shows.

Williams is also the founder of Williams Trading Co., an investment management firm that offers a variety of services, including managed futures and options trading. He is also a popular speaker at trading seminars and conferences and is often sought after to give advice and tips to aspiring traders.

Despite his success in trading, however, Williams still maintains a low profile and has never revealed the full extent of his trading strategies. He is known for his willingness to share his knowledge and experience with others, however, and his influence on the trading world is undeniable.

What trading strategies did Larry Williams use?

Larry Williams was a renowned trader and investor who developed numerous trading strategies that he used throughout his career. His strategies were based on trend following, momentum and seasonal trading.

The most common trading strategy used by Larry Williams was trend following. This involves buying stocks in an uptrend and selling stocks in a downtrend. He also used momentum trading, which means buying stocks that have recently had strong price gains, and selling stocks that have recently had strong price losses. Williams also had a strategy of buying stocks at the beginning of a seasonal cycle, and then selling them after the cycle had ended.

In addition to these strategies, Williams had a philosophy of risk management. He believed in taking calculated risks and managing his position sizes to minimize risks. He also believed in diversifying his portfolio to reduce risk.

Finally, Larry Williams believed in using technical analysis to identify and confirm trends and opportunities. He used a variety of technical indicators, such as moving averages, Bollinger Bands, and MACD, to support his analysis. Williams also believed in the power of volume and open interest to confirm trends.

While Larry Williams’ trading strategies may not be applicable to all traders, many of his concepts and philosophies still remain relevant today. His strategies are a good example of how important risk management and diversification are to successful trading. Additionally, his use of technical analysis to identify and confirm trends offers valuable insight into the importance of technical analysis in the trading process.

Larry Williams early life

Larry Williams is a renowned trader, author, and educator. He is best known for his innovative approach to trading, and for developing a number of trading strategies that are still used today.

Williams was born in 1941 and grew up in a middle-class family in San Francisco. His father was a successful stockbroker, and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. As a youngster, Larry was fascinated by the stock market, and he began trading as a teenager. He used his allowance money to purchase stocks and bonds and trade them on the stock exchange.

Williams’ early trading successes would eventually lead him to become a professional trader. After attending college and serving in the military, he eventually made the jump to full-time trading. He started trading futures and commodities, and quickly became successful.

Williams’ success with trading inspired him to write and teach about his trading strategies. He wrote numerous books about trading, including “How I Made One Million Dollars Last Year Trading Commodities” and “The Secret of Selecting Stocks for Immediate and Substantial Gains.”

He also developed a number of trading strategies, such as the “swing trading” technique and the “double bottom/double top” pattern. These strategies are still used today by many traders.

In addition to writing and teaching, Williams has been involved in numerous charitable works throughout his career. He established the Larry Williams Foundation in 1994, which provides assistance to the needy and underserved in his community.

Larry Williams is a legendary figure in the world of trading, and his work continues to influence modern traders. His innovative approach to trading and his commitment to giving back to the community have made him an influential figure in the world of finance.

10 trading rules by Larry Williams 

1. Always Cut Your Losses Short: One of the most important rules of trading is that you should always cut your losses short. This means that when you enter a trade and the position goes against you, you should exit the trade and take the loss without hesitation.

2. Let Your Profits Run: This rule is the opposite of the first. When a trade is profitable, you should let the position run, allowing your profits to increase. If a trade is going well, there is no need to exit the position quickly since you can potentially maximize the profits if you stay in the trade.

3. Set Stops: Stop-loss orders are essential to successful trading. They help to limit your losses and ensure that you don’t enter into a trade that could prove disastrous.

4. Averaging Down is Not Recommended: This rule states that if you have entered a trade and the position is going against you, you should not enter into a new position in order to “average down”. Doing so will only create bigger losses and is not recommended.

5. Look for Trends: Looking for trends is an essential part of trading. Trends can help you identify potential trades that could be profitable.

6. Use Leverage with Caution: Leverage can be a powerful tool, but it should be used cautiously. Leverage can increase your potential profits and losses, so it should be used responsibly.

7. Diversify Your Portfolio: Diversifying your portfolio is a great way to reduce risk and increase profits. By diversifying, you can reduce the amount of risk you are exposed to and increase the potential for profits.

8. Monitor Your Positions: You should always be monitoring your positions. This means keeping track of the price movements and adjusting your positions accordingly.

9. Have a Plan: Having a trading plan is essential to successful trading. This plan should include a set of rules, a risk management strategy, and a trading strategy.

10. Don’t Overtrade: Over-trading is one of the biggest mistakes a trader can make. Trading too often can lead to losses and is not recommended.

What is Larry Williams’s net worth?

It is difficult to estimate Larry Williams’s net worth as he has not disclosed his financial information. However, according to Celebrity Net Worth, he is estimated to have a net worth of around $50 million.

what is Larry Williams’s most famous for?

Larry Williams is most famous for his work as a trader and for writing extensively on the subject of trading. He is widely known for his work with futures and commodities, as well as foreign exchange markets. He is an author of several books on trading and investing, including Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading, and The Undeclared Secrets that Drive the Stock Market. He also developed and popularized a number of trading strategies and indicators, such as the ultimate oscillator and the commodity channel index. He has been featured in many interviews and articles on trading, and continues to be a sought after speaker and educator in the world of finance and trading.

Has Larry Williams’s written books?

Yes, Larry Williams has written extensively on trading. He is the author of several books, including “Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading”; “Strategic Stock Trading”; “How to Trade the Commodity Futures Markets”; “How I Made One Million Dollars Trading Commodities”; “High-Profit Trading”; and “The Secret of Selecting Stocks for Immediate and Substantial Gains”. He has also written several articles on trading, which can be found online.

Criticism of Larry Williams 

Larry Williams is a well-known trader who has had both success and failure. While some praise Williams for his creative strategies and the profits he has generated for himself and others, many criticize him for his lack of discipline and risk management.

First and foremost, Larry Williams has been criticized for his lack of risk management. Many of his strategies are based on high-risk, high-reward scenarios with little regard for downside risk. For example, in the late 1990s, Williams famously lost millions of dollars trading futures contracts after his positions became overextended. He has since spoken out against taking on too much risk and has become more conservative in his trading.

Another criticism of Larry Williams is his lack of discipline. Many of his strategies involve taking large, speculative positions with little regard for the long-term implications of his trades. While this can result in high returns in the short-term, it can also lead to losses if the market turns against him. His lack of discipline in trading has been a consistent source of criticism from many traders.

Finally, Larry Williams has been criticized for his lack of transparency. He has often shared only the details of his successes, not his failures. This has led some to view his strategies and results as too good to be true. There is also a perception that he is more focused on marketing than trading, which has led some to question the validity of his results.

Overall, Larry Williams is a controversial figure in the trading community. While some view him as a successful trader and mentor, many criticize him for his lack of risk management and discipline. Additionally, his lack of transparency has caused some to question the validity of his results.

Is Larry Williams a market wizard

Yes, Larry Williams is considered to be a market wizard. He is a renowned trader and investor who is renowned for his ability to consistently and successfully trade the financial markets. He has over 40 years of experience in the markets and is the author of several books on trading, including the classic “How I Made One Million Dollars Last Year Trading Commodities”.

Williams is best known for his pioneering work in using quantitative, technical analysis to gauge market direction and develop trading strategies. He has developed a variety of technical indicators that have become widely used and adopted by traders. He also has extensive experience in the commodities and futures markets, where he has consistently turned profits over the years.

Williams is respected in the trading community for his results-oriented approach and willingness to share his knowledge and experience. He has been featured in numerous books, seminars, and trading courses, and is a sought-after speaker and mentor at conferences and workshops. He is also a regular contributor to financial publications and websites, and his insights and market outlooks are closely followed by traders and investors.

In conclusion, Larry Williams is indeed a market wizard. He has a long and successful track record of trading and investing in the markets, and is widely respected for his knowledge, experience and insights. He is an inspiring figure in the trading world who has helped countless traders and investors to become successful.

10 trading quotes by Larry Williams

1. “The best traders are those who are willing to learn, adjust, and evolve with the ever-changing markets.”

2. “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.”

3. “A trader must realize what he is good at and play to his strengths. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades; focus on what works for you.”

4. “Successful trading is not about being right or wrong; it’s about making the best decision with the information and resources you have.”

5. “You must be willing to accept losses and move on to the next trade. Don’t get hung up on the outcome of any single trade.”

6. “Never make the same mistake twice. Learn from your mistakes and adjust your trading plan accordingly.”

7. “Trading is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t get too caught up in short-term results. Focus on the long term and stay consistent.”

8. “The market will do what it wants to do; you can only react to it. Don’t fight the market; just play the game and stay ahead of the curve.”

9. “You must stay disciplined and remain emotionally detached from the markets. If you get too emotionally invested, you will likely make mistakes.”

10. “Always have a well-thought-out plan in place before entering a trade. Don’t be afraid to adjust your plan as the markets change.”

10 FAQ about Larry Williams (trader) (write extensively)

1. Who is Larry Williams?

Larry Williams is a legendary trader and investor who has been in the business for over 40 years. He is a highly successful stock, futures and commodities trader, investor, author and educator. He is best known for his long and successful track record in the markets, his books and his frequent appearances on financial television programs. He is the founder and President of Larry Williams & Co., a financial advisory firm specializing in trading, commodities and market analysis.

2. What are Larry Williams’ qualifications?

Larry Williams holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Montana and a Masters degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of California, Davis. He has authored numerous books on trading, including “How to Trade Commodities” and “Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading” and has written hundreds of articles for magazines and newspapers. He is a frequent speaker at financial conferences and his trading strategies are taught at universities around the world.

3. What is Larry Williams’ approach to trading?

Larry Williams is a technical trader who uses a mix of fundamental and technical analysis to identify trading opportunities. He incorporates a variety of indicators to guide him and looks for patterns in price and volume. He also uses risk and money management techniques to protect his capital and maximize his profits.

4. What is the “Larry Williams Strategy”?

The Larry Williams Strategy is a combination of technical indicators and money management techniques designed to identify and capitalize on market trends. It incorporates trend lines, moving averages, momentum indicators, support and resistance levels and more. It seeks to identify when a market is trending and take advantage of that trend in order to generate profits.

5. What is the “Law of Charts”?

The Law of Charts is Larry Williams’ idea that most price patterns can be broken down into distinct technical patterns. He believes that these patterns are universal and can be seen in any market, regardless of the time frame. He believes that by recognizing these patterns and acting on them, a trader can increase their chances of success.

6. What are some of Larry Williams’ trading rules?

Larry Williams has a few key trading rules that he follows:

• Always use stops to protect profits and limit losses.

• Always keep losses small.

• Always take profits when they are available.

• Always use risk and money management techniques.

• Always use technical analysis to identify trading opportunities.

• Always be disciplined and follow your trading plan.

7. What books has Larry Williams written?

Larry Williams has written numerous books on trading, investing and money management, including:

• How to Trade Commodities (1994)

• Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading (1996)

• The Secret of Selective Trading (1999)

• High Probability Trading Strategies (2003)

• The Undeclared Secrets That Drive the Stock Market (2015)

• Unstoppable Profits (2016)

8. What is Larry Williams’ investment philosophy?

Larry Williams’ investment philosophy is focused on capital preservation and risk management. He believes that by limiting losses and protecting profits, a trader can maximize their chances of success. He is a proponent of diversification and uses technical analysis to identify trading opportunities and manage risk.

9. What is Larry Williams’ opinion on day trading?

Larry Williams is not a fan of day trading, as it typically involves a lot of risk and can be difficult to consistently make money in the long run. He believes that day trading can be profitable, but it requires a high degree of skill and discipline. He recommends that traders focus on longer-term investments and use technical analysis to identify trading opportunities.

10. What is Larry Williams’ opinion on market timing?

Larry Williams believes that market timing is difficult and unpredictable and that it should not be relied upon as the primary source of profits. He believes that most traders should focus on identifying profitable trading opportunities and using sound money management techniques to protect their capital.


Larry Williams is a well-known trader who has had a long and successful career in the financial markets. He is particularly skilled in technical analysis, and is known for his use of chart patterns to inform his trading decisions. Williams has extensive experience in a variety of financial markets, including commodity trading and forex trading, and is well-versed in the use of derivatives to manage risk. He is also a master of trading strategy, and is skilled at portfolio management, which involves the careful selection of financial instruments in order to maximize returns while minimizing risk. Overall, Williams is highly respected for his knowledge and experience in the world of trading, and his insights on market analysis and trading strategy are widely sought after.

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