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How Long Have You Been Trading? (Reader Poll)

Last Updated on 10 February, 2024 by Abrahamtolle

How long have you been trading?

This was the simple question we asked our Twitter readers. We were surprised by the answer: The great majority have been trading for at least 3 years or more:

More than 60% of our Twitter followers has traded for at least three years or more. This is substantially more than we expected. Perhaps it shows that most of our audience is a pretty serious (and profitable) trading community. 

We have conducted plenty of reader polls, and you find them all in our article about trading statistics and facts

We believe that trading has some similarities with the Lindy Effect: the longer you last trading, the longer you can continue. The longer you avoid losing, money, the more you learn. Learning is just like compounding capital: the longer you are in the business, the more you learn!   

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