Gold Day Trading Edge! : Day Trading Gold ETFs (GLD)


Profit Factor: 3.3

Avg Trade: $37

Winning Trades: 70%

Trades: 54

Units: 100

A Closer Look

This edge uses a total of four conditions.

1. The first condition looks at a recurring pattern which makes us expect that the market is becoming somewhat more bullish during the coming day.

2. The second edge compares the daily price action to the historical ones, to gain a sense of the strength of the latest market move.

3. We then look at trend strength to rule out those times when the trend is too weak.

4. The last condition simply looks at whether today is an up day or down day.

As soon as these conditions are in place, we take a trade and hold it for the entire day.

This edge is available to all gold annual members!


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