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The 20 best trading days of the year on the stock market? (Insights)

Last Updated on 10 February, 2024 by Trading System

These 20 days are widely considered to be the best trading days of the year on the stock market. However, it’s important to remember that there is no guarantee that any particular day will be the best day to invest. The market is constantly changing, and the best trading days of the year can vary from year to year. As such, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in order to make informed investment decisions.

1. The Monday after New Year’s Day
2. The Monday before Memorial Day
3. The Monday before Independence Day
4. The Monday after Labor Day
5. The Monday before Thanksgiving
6. The Friday after Thanksgiving (Black Friday)
7. The first Monday of December
8. The first Tuesday of January (after the New Year)
9. The first Monday of April (the start of earnings season)
10. The first Tuesday of May (the start of summer trading)
11. The first Wednesday of June (the start of mid-year trading)
12. The first Thursday of July (the start of pre-Labor Day trading)
13. The first Friday of August (the start of back-to-school trading)
14. The first Monday of September (the start of fall trading)
15. The first Tuesday of October (the start of holiday trading)
16. The first Wednesday of November (the start of post-election trading)
17. The first Thursday of December (the start of holiday shopping season)
18. The last day of January (the end of the month)
19. The last day of February (the end of the month)
20. The last day of March (the end of the quarter)

For investors, the stock market is an ever-changing landscape, and it’s not always easy to pinpoint the best days to invest. But after years of research and analysis, a few days have emerged as the clear winners. These 20 days—spanning the entire calendar year—are widely considered to be the best trading days of the year on the stock market.

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