Our 6 months algorithmic trading course will teach you everything you need to know to start out your career in Algorithmic Trading!

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The Outline

After having run trading courses for several years on our Swedish site, we know how much our students value individual lessons with their instructor. There simply are things that cannot be conveyed through video courses. 

That’s why our course will include 15 hours of individual training for 6 months, in addition to the video material. You also get unlimited e-mail support. 

We have 2 spots open for every month. We will have an interview with each applicant before we choose to work with someone.

Algorithmic Trading Course

Trading Strategies Included!

Finding trading strategies indeed is hard, and it will take some time until you’ve created enough strategies yourself to be able to launch your trading successfully.

That’s why the course will include 10 trading strategies that we trade ourselves. The strategies will trade various futures markets to achieve a nice risk balance.

In our Swedish course, this has been one of the most exciting extras, according to our students!


The course is aiming to be the most complete solution on the market. The curriculum is going to cover a lot, but since so much of the course consists of the individual training session, there is a lot of flexibility on the single student level. 

These are some of the things that we’re going to cover:

  • Easylanguage Coding

    You're going to learn how to use Easylanguage to backtest your ideas and build your own strategies! NO PREVIOUS CODING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

  • How To Find Trading Ideas

    How do you never run out of ideas to test? And what is a good trading idea?

  • How Do You Know if a Trading Strategy Is Good Enough?

    What strategies are tradable and not?

  • How to Not Fall for Snake Oil Vendors

    We've been in this business for more than 20 years, and had the not so pleasant experience of dealing with many hypocrites. We discuss what to look for, and how to tell if a trader is real or not! This is crucial, since you're probably going to come in contact with many vendors, and perhaps want to buy their products!

  • How To Tell if a Trading Strategy is Fake

    Many traders look for the holy grail, but does it exist?

  • How to Build a Trading Strategy

    We show you our method of bulding a trading strategy, and ensure that it's ready to trade!

  • The Most Common Mistakes

    We guide you through the pitfalls of trading, to make sure that you don't fall into them!

  • The Secret of Making A Strategy Robust

    There are a lot of myths surronding this topic. However, of everything we've seen, the method we're going to share with you is by far the best solution out there!

  • How To Significantly Speed Up the Strategy Testing Process

    We'll show you how you speed up the testing process signficantly, and automate some parts that would take a long time to carry out manually!

  • Combining Strategies

    We'll cover how to combine strategies together, and why you might want to do that.

  • Transitioning to Live Trading

    We'll show you how to set up the strategies so that they trade automatically for you! You'll also get some tips on how to manage your strategies.

What Platforms is the Course Offered on?

Initially the course will be offered with TradeStation and Multicharts. These are some of the best platforms according to us, and have all the advanced features that an algorithmic trader will need!

Algorithmic Trading Course
Algorithmic Trading Course

Price is $6500 for 6 months training

If you are interested, then contact us below:

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