Why Trust Us?

The internet is full of fake trading vendors and as a beginner in trading it is nearly impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff. Many traders stumble upon fraudulent websites that offer services and products that only serve one purpose; to make you pay as much as possible, for as little as possible.

At the Robust Trader, we are different. Of course, like anybody else, we want to make money. However, we believe the best way of doing so is to provide great services, content, and products that truly bring value to people. We don’t want members on our site to sign up one time and leave when their subscription period ends. Instead, we want returning customers that realize how great our products are!

Quality Content

All products and membership that are offered on this site hold a high standard, many much higher than elsewhere on the web, we would argue. We take pride in delivering quality services and content, since the driving force behind this site is not only money alone, but also our genuine passion for trading and investments!

Who We Are

The Robust Trader is run by Håkan Samuelsson and William Leijon, two Swedish traders who both hold a passion for trading and investments.

Why Trust Us

Håkan Samuelsson

Håkan is a trader with more than 20 years of experience in trading and the markets. For more than 10 years he has been trading his own account full-time from home, after leaving his career as a prop trader in the US.

The Robust Trader is a continuation of  Håkans Swedish blog which is why we can offer services with such long track records!

Why Trust Us

William Leijon

William is one of Håkan’s most successful students who managed to qualify to run The Robust Trader together with Håkan. William himself is mostly into algo trading on the U.S futures markets.

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We know that trusting people online is hard, and we encourage everyone to be sceptical of what they read and hear. Of course, this applies to The Robust trader as well!

Here comes some evidence to support our trustworthiness:

Håkan has worked as a prop trader in the US for several years and holds a so-called Series 7 License. Here is a copy for you to see!

Why Trust Us

Some few years ago, Håkan participated in Kevin Davey’s Strategy Factory class, mostly to get access to his strategy club where traders can send in their strategy for a 6 month validation period. Those whose strategies pass get all strategies that have been sent in that month.

Håkan is number one among all of Kevin’s students, with 30% more strategies passing than the runner-up!

The Robust Trader was started in 2018 as a continuation of Håkan’s Swedish blog.

Since 2008, samuelssonsrapport.se (“Samuelsson’s report” in English) has been expanding to encompass a broad range of topics and services for the Swedish market.

Here is a link to view the site through Google Translate.

Have a look around the site and judge for yourself.

You should as critical questions like:

  • Is the content informative and correct?
  • Are they providing rich and correct information that is of use to people?
  • Does it seem too good to be true?

We are certain you will find that The Robust Trader is a legit website that provides quality services!