Tweaking the RSI Indicator

What if you tweak the RSI indicator a bit? That’s the question we asked ourselves when coming up with this edge, and by using unconventional methods we managed to find something that works on the SPY (S&P 500).

Edge Details


S&P 500



Access Level:


Profit Factor: 2.23

Avg. Trade: $43

Win Percent: 72%

Trades: 220

A Closer Look

This edge trades the S&P 500 through the SPY. However, it should work well on other securities that track the same index as well.

The percentage of winning trades is high, close to 80%, which is common with mean-reverting strategies. It’s also very simple since it only consists of one buying conditions. In other words, there is plenty of room for traders to add their own filters or exits, to maximize performance. 

The edge is composed of:

  1. A Tweaked RSI
  2. A Tweaked RSI Exit
  3. A Price Pattern Exit

1. A Tweaked RSI

The RSI is one of the most used indicators among traders. The typical application is to define threshold values which you want the RSI to burst through. In this edge, we have adopted an unconventional approach:

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2. A Tweaked RSI Exit

For the exit, we also use the RSI indicator by building on the logic that we use to enter a trade.

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1. A Price Pattern Exit

The second exit consists of a simple price pattern.

How Does It Work?

Using widespread indicators like the RSI can, as we show in this edge, produce some promising results. This is how the edge works:

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Below the rules of this very edge are defined for you to replicate in your own testing;

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