Module 1: Starting to Program
Module 2: Indicators and Functions
Module 3: Variables
Module 4: Inputs
Module 5: Exit Techniques
Module 6: Stop Orders and Limit Orders
Module 7 Using Multiple DataStreams in a Strategy
Final Strategy Coding Project
Module 8: Plot Studies and Their Uses
Module 9: Writing to Files
Module 10: How to Code Your Own Indicators and Functions

String Variables: Exercises

1. String Variable

Declare a string variable.

variables: whatevername(“”);

2. Merge strings

Merge the following strings into one string variable. Assume that we’ve already declared astring as a string variable. 

  • “This”
  • “is” 
  • “a” 
  • “string”

astring= “this” + “is” + “a” + “string”;


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