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What is the Stockmarketeye? Are you tired of all the good analysis programs and trading tools being built into the big network brokers? Wouldn’t it be better if there was a concrete analysis tool that exclusively gave you the analyzes you needed – and nothing else? We look more closely at the Stockmarketeye software, which started as a hobby project and ended up on the global market as one of the sharpest stock trading software.

About the company behind the Stockmarketeye

The Stockmarketeye was born as an idea after a man, we can call him Nick, was looking for a program that could help him analyze his investments. He searched for a long time without finding what he was looking for. It turned out that all programs on the market were either too expensive or they were adapted for professional traders on Wall Street. Nick needed something for the ambitious little savior. So he simply created his own tool. 20 years later, StockMarketEye is what we see today. StockMarketEye is downloaded on a PC, Mac or Linux computer and is running locally. This is also offered an app available in the App Store and Google Play.

StockMarketEye is thus an analysis tool. It has nothing to do with the trade itself. You can do this with your regular broker. Without this, we look at the holdings we have only for the purpose of analyzing. The main purpose of the solution is for investors to be able to see all their investments, regardless of whether they are spread across different network brokers. It’s not quite unusual for you to have some funds here, some shares there, some ETFs here, etc. Often, as an investor, you also have thought about the various investments and you group them into their heads for industries or industries. As the number of investments grows, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of everything. If you also deal in a slightly shorter term, it is important to have an overall watchful eye over all investments in order not to miss important times for buying and selling.



An overview of all portfolios in Stockmarketeye

The first thing you will discover and probably like with StockMarketEye is the easy-to-read dashboard that opens up when you start the program. There you can easily and quickly see an overview of all their holdings. The idea is that here you should see “the big picture” in order to be able to take better control of their overall investments.

Easy to get started

It is incredibly easy to get started with the Stockmarketeye and test the program. One loads it down to its computer and installs it. Then you can choose whether you want to follow your real investments or if you would rather create so-called virtual stock portfolios to test and know the program.

StockMarketEye supports over 50 different network brokers when it comes to automatically keep the system updated with which holdings are in the portfolios when they were purchased, liquidated, etc. If not exactly the web broker you use with these 50 you can also import via CSV files if you wish. Alternatively, you fill in your tasks manually, it doesn’t usually be that difficult. If you want to do it manually, there is a simple aid where you can key very efficiently to get all the data as quickly as possible.

Manage the portfolio

With the help of StockMarketEye, you can easily consolidate a wealth of information about your overall portfolio, your holdings, and your transactions. This gives you a very sharp insight into your actions on the stock exchange. If you have holdings in different portfolios but which you consider belonging to the same category, then you can easily group these into special categories. Then you can keep track of these together, and analyze them together. In this way, you can also act on the category as a whole. There is also support for currencies, which means that you can see the current value of the portfolios in the currency you want. If you want to have technical analyses of the various assets you have in order to find timely opportunities to buy or sell, there are a number of different indicators to use here.

Analysis and control of dividends

Another part of the tool that is very useful and quite unique for StockMarketEye is the tool for keeping track of dividends. In the analysis tool, there are a number of different columns that you can choose to activate and which are linked to parameters relating to dividends. By activating all these, you can create a view that provides extremely detailed information about just dividends on the shares you have in your portfolio. It will then be much easier to create an overview of when dividends will come during the year, etc.

Profit and loss analyzes

StockMarketEye works with an analytical form called ABC, which stands for Average Cost Basis. Simply translated into Swedish – Average Cost Base. This is a way to calculate the cost of an investment. The figure is produced by taking the purchase price of the share multiplied by the volume and then adding brokerage fees and possibly other fees. By using the ABC value you get the real cost of the investments and can also get a more realistic picture of the gains or losses you make.

The app

In the App Store and Google play there is an app that is appropriately named StockMarketEye. If you download it you have a really good mobile tool, totally synced with your local installation. There you can see their dashboard and their portfolios when you are out on the go. The app is sold for a small cost.

Try it

If you are interested in trying on StockMarketEye then they are currently offering a 30-day free trial. Perfect if you want to try something new. You notice that the program is created by savers for savers. Not for the purpose of selling anything other than the analysis tool itself. If you are a bit of a sophisticated self, you will easily feel at home in the program which is really very stripped and concrete. Here you simply get to know the numbers and graphs you need – neither more nor less. So start running today and don’t forget to tell us what you thought!

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