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Exploiting Option Information in the Equity Market

Last Updated on 10 February, 2024 by Rejaul Karim

In the world of finance, opportunities abound for investors who can harness the power of option market information to navigate the equity landscape. The research paper “Exploiting Option Information in the Equity Market,” published in the Financial Analyst Journal, investigates the potential benefits of utilizing option market data for actionable insights in stock selection.

The authors – an esteemed group of researchers and investment professionals – delve into strategies centered on option measures that can help predict returns and alpha for liquid large-cap stocks. The study also highlights the importance of managing transaction costs linked to the high turnover of these strategies for optimizing net alpha gains.

By shedding light on the information diffusion process from option markets into stock markets, this paper offers valuable knowledge for investors keen on staying ahead of the curve.

Abstract Of Paper

Public option market information contains exploitable information for equity investors for an investable universe of liquid large-cap stocks. Strategies based on several option measures predict returns and alphas on the underlying stock. Transaction costs are an important factor given the high turnover of these strategies, but significant net alphas can be obtained when using a simple transaction cost reducing approach. These findings suggest that information diffuses from the option market into the underlying stock market.

Original paper – Download PDF

Here you can download the PDF and original paper of Exploiting Option Information in the Equity Market.

(An option to download will come shortly)


Guido Baltussen
Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR); Northern Trust Corporation – Northern Trust Asset Management

Bart van der Grient
Robeco Quantitative Investments

Wilma de Groot
Robeco Asset Management

Weili Zhou
Robeco Asset Management

Erik Hennink
Rabobank International, Netherlands


In conclusion, the insightful study “Exploiting Option Information in the Equity Market” demystifies the potential of public option market information as a tool for enhancing investment strategies within the realm of liquid large-cap stocks.

By revealing the accuracy of option measures in predicting returns and alpha, the research provides a solid foundation for investors seeking to incorporate this data into their decision-making process. While high strategy turnover and associated transaction costs pose challenges, the adoption of a suitable cost-reduction approach ensures the viability of significant net alpha gains.

As a comprehensive exploration into the information diffusion between option and stock markets, this work invites investors to capitalize on the knowledge presented, empowering them to maintain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

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Q1: What are the key findings regarding the use of option market data in stock selection?

The study finds that public option market information contains exploitable information for equity investors, particularly in the context of liquid large-cap stocks. Strategies based on various option measures demonstrate predictive capabilities for returns and alpha in the underlying stock.

Q2: How do transaction costs impact the effectiveness of these option-based strategies?

Transaction costs are identified as a crucial factor, given the high turnover associated with these strategies. However, the research suggests that significant net alphas can still be obtained by employing a simple transaction cost-reducing approach, emphasizing the viability of incorporating option market information despite associated costs.

Q3: What is the significance of the research for investors?

The research is significant for investors as it sheds light on the information diffusion process from option markets into stock markets. By understanding and leveraging option market data, investors can potentially gain a competitive edge in navigating the equity landscape. The findings encourage investors to explore the integration of option information into their decision-making processes for more informed and effective investment strategies.

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