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Course in Day trading

Learn Day Trading In Our Premium Training Course

Our day trading Course Works For:


Use TradeStation to trade course strategies

You will learn:

Automatic or manual day trading?

Choose the one that suits you best!

We show you how to trade the course’s trading strategies automatically and manually!

Elementor #119506
Elementor #119506

Trade safe!

Learn how to manage your risk, and how to scale your trading positions to make your day trading as safe as possible!

Elementor #119506
Elementor #119506

Be prepared

As a day trader, you are sometimes exposed to severe psychological stress, regardless of trading form and trading style!

We go through the most important things you need to know about yourself to maximize the chances that you will make a profit in the end!

Trading strategy

Finding and developing day trading strategies is very difficult and time consuming.

Therefore, we are happy to present two trading strategies that are part of our two training packages!

Elementor #119506
Elementor #119506
Hakan Samuelsson

Who are We

Håkan is a trader with more than 25 years of experience in trading and the markets. For more than 10 years he has been trading his own accounts full-time from his home office. Before that, he had a career as a prop trader in the US where he also traded his own money for Merril Lynch and prop firms.

The Robust Trader is a continuation of  Håkan’s Swedish web site. Today it is Sweden and Scandinavias biggest independent trading web site. He started it already in 2008 and that is why we can offer services (education and trading signals) with such long track records!

Håkan Samuelsson is a graduate of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) where he earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering.

Oddmund Groette

You can find more information about Oddmund and his background if you check out the web sites: quantifiedstrategies.com and rationalThinking.net.

What others say

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for a good swing trading course. Good that it has a lot of practicality with it as I feel that there is usually a lot to read when it comes to the theoretical but not as much about how to actually do to get started which I think is very good! Thank you for very good and clear teaching !!!! ”


“… I want to describe Håkan as first and foremost honest and realistic. I can not remember being promised anything that later ran into the sand. On a slightly more personal level, I think that Håkan is a very nice person and generally fun to talk to … ”


“Thank you 🙂 Now it works, so sick impressed with your skills you should know! How do you get to everything !? 🙂 🙂 ”


“Hello. I have just started your beginner course in swing trading, and I think I got value for money. Thank you very much…”


“I continued to read The Robust Trader and was increasingly impressed by the sincerity that permeated everything that was published. If you are ready to put your soul into trading, I can not recommend Håkan’s course enough. It has been invaluable to me, and I think it will be for you too! ”


“Good online course with clear steps you have. I have never done this before and I think it is fun to develop in a new direction. ”


Course content!

Välj det antal daytradingstrategier som passar dig!



Elementor #119506



Elementor #119506

Nasdaq 100

Elementor #119506

Varför två daytradingstrategier?

Med vårt propaket får du tillgång till två daytradingstrategier som baseras på olika grundlogiker, och därmed kompletterar varandra!

Detta har flera fördelar, såsom:

I testet nedan ser vi daytradingstrategierna var för sig, och hur kurvan förbättras när vi lägger ihop tradingstrategierna i en portfölj!

Daytrading S&P500 (Bas)

Elementor #119506

Daytrading Nasdaq 100 (Pro)

Elementor #119506

Båda Tradingstrategier Kombinerade!

Elementor #119506

Att trada flera tradingstrategier och sprida sina risker är enligt oss det närmaste man kommer till någon form av helig graal i trading!


Elementor #119506
Elementor #119506

Propaketet (Två Daytraders)

Vårt unika propaket ger dig absolut mest värde för pengarna.

Daytrading Pro

Kr 14995
  • inkl. 3 månader support. (Support och uppdateringar kostar därefter 129 kr/månad. Kan sägas upp när man vill.)

Baspaketet (En daytrader)

Daytrading bas

Kr 9995
  • inkl. 3 månader support. (Support och uppdateringar kostar därefter 129 kr/månad. Kan sägas upp när man vill.)


Ja, det är möjligt att uppgradera i efterhand, men till ett högre pris än om du hade köpt propaketet till en början. 

I kursen går vi igenom de strategier som ingår i detalj och även andra grundläggande koncept i trading. På så vis fordras ingen större erfarenhet för att gå kursen.

Om du är helt ny inom trading och vill prova på vad det innebär, skulle vi dock rekommendera att du också kikar på vår swingtradingkurs. Många tar denna och avancerar sedan till mer avancerade typer av trading.