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Shorting the Silver Miners ETF (SIL)

Shorting the silver miner ETF (SIL) can be very profitable. Here is an edge with only 2 conditions, resulting in a profit factor of more than 7! 

Edge Details


Silver Miner ETF



Access Level:


An overnight trading idea for Silverminers

Profit Factor: 7.6

Avg. Trade: $35

Win Percent: 74%

Trades: 35

Units: 100

A Closer Look

In trading, the simplest logics, often work the best!

This edge in the silver miner ETF (SIL) indeed is simple. It’s an overnight edge, which means that it enters on the close of a bar, and exits on the open.

The edge is composed of:

  1. A Recurrent Pattern
  2. A Range Filter

1. A Recurrent Pattern

There are many recurrent patterns in markets. These often form excellent starting points for a strategy!

2. A Range Filter

Once we’ve found this recurrent pattern, we use a range filter to only take the most promising signals!




Below the rules of this very edge are defined for you to replicate in your own testing;

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